We are young and ambitious, with a great experience and solid values​​.
We have ten years experience in the incoming business in Italy and e know thoroughly the charm and contradictions of the country that everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime.

We are specialists in groups (leisure, religious, sports, business, events, etc etc etc) and individual travellers

We are a B2B wholesale tour operator.

We believe that organizing a trip is a great responsibility
We believe in transparency and attention to details
We believe that any trip should be special
We believe in courtesy and timeliness
We want to engage with seriousness and professionalism to offer you a high quality experience at a fair price

It will be our job to make sure that every moment of your trip to Italy and Europe is perfect.

  J. Manuel Cuevas                                   Valentina Stracqualursi

       General Manager                                                          General Manager                                                                                    

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